Moana Valentine’s Day Printable

Moana V Day Image 2

Moana is reigning princess at the Decuir household. Auburn’s 5th birthday party was Moana inspired. (More on that later!) I took the invitation for her birthday party and created a Valentine’s Day card. Auburn’s teacher thought the cards were so cute that she asked if I could make some for her granddaughter. That gave me the idea to share the printable with our M&M readers!

Moana VDay Card Print

Maui V Day Card Print.jpg

You can download the files here: Maui V Day Card Print and Moana VDay Card Print

I printed these at home on white card stock. The file has a single image on it. You can open the file in Preview (the Preview application is on Mac, or Paint on a PC) and click file > print > and select 2 copies per page. The images are a little bit under 4 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall and two of them fit perfectly on a regular 8.5 x 11 size paper. After they are cut, the cards will fit in an  A2 size envelope or can be passed out on their own.

Here are some ideas that will go along well with your cute Moana Valentine’s Day cards. Auburn is really into slime lately, so depending on how much energy I have we might make the Tomatoa Slime!


But if mama is feeling a little lazy these Moana Tattoos from Amazon will work just fine.

Moana Tattoos

Swedish Fish, blue jelly beans or tropical flavored Starbursts could also work!

Happy love day to you and yours!