Milk & Mascara Summer Bucket List

Last night at 9:24pm marked the northern hemisphere’s summer solstice. So happy summer solstice! What exactly does that mean, you say? The summer solstice happens when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky, with the Earth’s axis tilting most towards it and situated directly above the Tropic of Cancer. In other words it means long days, warm nights and a chance to tackle our Milk & Mascara Summer Bucket List!

Summer 2017 BucketList

I love the summer season and everything associated with it. Maybe it’s the Leo in me. I always look forward to nights at the pool, BBQs and my birthday! Most of my favorite fruit is in season during this time of year and I LOVE summer fashion. Although, this off-the-shoulder trend is making me wish that I hit the gym earlier in the year. Oh well.

We can’t wait to tackle our summer list along with you! We hope this list inspires you this season. If you complete something on our bucket list we want to see it!! Please use the hashtag #mandmsummer and tag us so that we can share it!

Stay cool,