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You may have noticed that on the first Friday of each month, we are featuring a mom who inspires us….encourages us and makes the world a better place! I obviously didn’t get around to publishing this on Friday but the purpose of these features is all that matters….right? Anyway, I am big on celebrating my mom tribe. You are what gets me through the good times and the bad. While I may be married to the best human being alive….there are some things that only another mom can understand… day drinking.


I used to compare myself to and/or envy all of the moms out there who I thought looked happier or more “together” or their children were better behaved but after a year at home I have come full circle to celebrating their (your) successes and picking them up when they fall down (but laughing first if you actually fell). We really are better together. So these little features mean a lot to me. I want us all to be successful….to show the world that we really are super women….moms, wives, friends, entrepreneurs….we can do it all! We really can (with enough coffee and wine).

So far, we have introduced you to Short List Meals and Donuts + Dinosaurs.

Wellllllll…..we are SO excited to introduce you to (drum roll please………)

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….beautiful Jackie over at Mom Time Delivered. It’s the perfect time to feature this mama  since we’ve been talking lots about #selflove on IG lately and with Mothers Day just around the corner and the fact that she has made it her business to celebrate and treat Moms everywhere! I know Jackie in a roundabout kind of way. I actually worked with her husband on a multi-family lease-up in downtown LA and if you know anything about real estate and/or new construction you know how stressful a lease up can be. This guy was patient, kind, honest and never even broke a sweat. I have seen grown men cry working a lease up and this guy was not only good at what he did but kind and generous to his staff and colleagues throughout it all. This was rare in my line of work. He was top notch and even better than his work ethic was the way he talked about his family. His wife…their wedding day…there was magic in his eyes.

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I briefly met his wife once….shortly after they had their first child….at an event for the project we were launching. She was strong, confident and beautiful. Years have passed, we’ve had more babies, changed jobs and probably all have more gray hair. That’s when I received a Facebook notification from Brook (the infamous husband) asking me to check out Mom Time Delivered. I checked it out and was so excited for them. I could feel how genuine their business was and loved their mission of supporting moms in taking a little “me time” as I have come to realize how important that time is. I have recently been on a quest to make sure I am taking care of myself so that I can be the best mom and wife I can be. I love this idea that motherhood doesn’t define us….it’s just a part of who we are….and just like Milk & Mascara….Jackie has made it her business celebrating both the mother and woman in all of us.

Name: Jackie Purcell

Age: 34

Where do you currently live: Los Angeles (born and raised in Metro-Detroit and lived in the Seattle area for 8 years)

How many kids do you have? Two! My daughter is almost 4 (yikes) and my son is 18 month old

Tell me about Mom Time Delivered: 
Mom Time Delivered is a subscription box for moms. Each month will receive 4-6 items including: spa products, indulgent treat’s and fun mom-centric goods.

How many boxes are there each month? When does the new monthly box become available? Our first shipment, to 20 well deserving Moms, went out on May 5th. Each month is a new box/theme and will be shipped the first week of the month.

How did this come about? What inspired you to start Mom Time Delivered?
I love getting subscription boxes and I love sharing them with my friends, so it seemed like a natural fit for me to start my own. And the concept of Mom Time Delivered, is because whenever I found myself with some alone time, I never knew what to do with it. I would just binge watch Netflix or scroll Facebook/Instagram. I want to make it easy for Moms to truly take care of themselves and do something that will help rejuvenate them…enter Mom Time Delivered.

How do you select the items/partners in the boxes? Each box is an experience and designed to be used all at once, so the items all need to compliment each other. I look for small businesses, especially Mom owned businesses, to partner with. This way the customers can try new products from great small businesses without having to search them out.

What is your hope for Mom Time Delivered? Of course, I have some business/financial goals (duh! Don’t we all?? Can someone pay me to write this blog?), but truly my hope is to brighten each Moms day that receives the box. Help them take time for themselves so they can be even better Moms.

What did you do before starting Mom Time Delivered? 
Before starting Mom Time Delivered, I was the VP of a children’s fitness franchise. I had been with them for 11 years, so it was very hard to leave, but time to focus on my family and dream.

What has been the most challenging part of starting your own business? The most challenging part is learning the E-Commerce business. I have owned my own business before and understand small business, but e-commerce is totally new to me. It is a fun new adventure and I am learning something new every day.

What’s your favorite product in this months box? This is a tough question, as I do try each product and only put the ones in that I love. The body scrub is something that I have been using for over a year and approached the company to be in the box. This scrub is always in my shower (in different scents). I hope the customers love it as much as I do.

Alright moms….and dads….alright….fine….humans….it’s easy to see why Mom Time Delivered is a great gift to give or a special treat for yourself but can I just take a minute to applaud Jackie and her family for chasing their dreams….taking risks and winning at life? I love this. I want to be more like this. What am I so afraid of? Maybe I will start my own business! Right? I can do it?!?! Jackie….you’re so cool and I for one cannot wait to get my box!!! Thank you for inspiring moms everywhere….celebrating your tribe and keeping it real.

To top it all of….Jackie is providing all Milk & Mascara readers with a coupon code for your first box!! Enter milkandmascara for $10 off!




*Still testing out photos because my friends are jerks and make fun of every one.