Toddler Easter Baskets

Easter Basket V1

Can you believe that Easter is this weekend? I can’t. It’s bizarre to me that we’re already to Easter. What I can tell you is that I am ready for spring. The rain this year in the Pacific Northwest has been breaking records….and my soul. I have never complained about the rain or weather in the Northwest because it was worth it. The lifestyle…the summers…the green…all of it…totally worth it but this winter has been grueling. Having a baby and taking care of a toddler indoors is no joke. With that, we’ve still got some rain ahead of us so I had some ulterior motives for Lucy’s Easter basket this year. What can I stuff in a basket to keep her entertained, busy, distracted without throwing in candy or junk food?? Well, here is what I am filling her basket with and almost all of it as Amazon Prime so you can order it today and have it in time for this weekend if you haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Easter Basket V2

  1. Wubble: pretty self explanatory and loads of fun.
  2. Imagine Ink Book: you can find one with almost any character. I carry one with me at all times – they’re perfect for restaurants or if you need something in a pinch but Lucy carries hers around with her everywhere. You can also find them at Target.
  3. Ultimate Sticker Collection: I was originally introduced to these by @mommysmetimeblog over on Instagram and we love them. You can also find them at Barnes & Noble.
  4. Melissa & Doug Alphabet & Number Placemats with Wipe-off Crayons: I am very excited to see how Lucy takes to these. She has been showing a lot more interest in mark making and I think these will be great for encouraging that.
  5. Kinetic Sand: I talked a little bit about how much we love Kinetic sand here. This is pretty self explanatory.
  6. ABC See, Hear Do: I am probably most excited about this book. I have heard so many amazing things about this book and cannot wait to work through it with Lucy. Follow the author @stefaniehohl over on Instagram to learn more!
  7. Band-Aids: please tell me your kids are as obsessed with band-aids as mine?
  8. Touch Night Light: a while back Lucy started getting out of bed about an hour after she went down and I was at a loss of how to handle it. She just wasn’t tired and she was getting out of bed with the biggest smile on her face which was difficult to be upset about…man was she READY TO PARTY. So in true millennial style….I turned to the internet for ideas because I wasn’t willing to give up her early bed time. See why here! Anyway, the internet told me this was all about her exploring her independence and that independence and choices are healthy so to look to ways to give her options. We gave her a night light and told her that she could go to sleep or if she wasn’t tired she could turn it on and “read” her books in bed. We also told her she could sing to “dogger” or read to him to help him fall asleep. This gave her a task which is apparently empowering. Anyway….it worked like a charm. She turns it on and lays in bed reading books and singing to dogger and is very proud of her night time “independence”.

There you have it. Hope your Easter is magical and blessed no matter what or why you celebrate. Happy Easter and much love from all of us at Milk & Mascara!


Lucy Logue by Annie Helen-4352