Welcome Emily!

The Milk & Mascara family is getting a new member and we couldn’t be more excited!

Welcome Emily Logue! She happens to be the wife of one of my husband’s best friends AND, lucky me, immediately became one of my favorite people many years ago.

Emily reigns her roost in Portland (my hometown) so this expansion now means we are creeping up the West Coast – woop! I’ll let her tell you more about herself (below) but some key things to mention: Emily is hilarious, kicks absolute butt on the gridiron (we play Turkey Bowl every year at Thanksgiving), and is a seriously mindful and creative mother.

I look forward to the gems of wisdom, laughter (and meal planning) Emily will bring to Milk & Mascara. Thank you for your continued support of our creative outlet. We promise to blog more this year, particularly with this top draft pick on our team!- Amy


Hi there! I’m Emily! Mom to Lucy and Eli and wife to Andrew. First things first….I use too many exclamation marks and ellipses because I write exactly as it sounds in my head…hopefully you’ll get used to it. I once scored an apartment in a very tight Seattle rental market because the landlord wanted to meet someone who used as many exclamation points as I did. True story.

Today you can find me in Beaverton, OR (just outside of Portland) exploring, adventuring and cooking for my family. I have been in the Pacific Northwest for over 10 years now. I love it here. I always have. I grew up in northern Arizona but my dad was born and raised in Seattle, WA. He passed his love of the Seattle sports scene on to me at a very early age and when I was ready to leave the nest….there was no question I would make my way to Seattle.

There are few things I love more than the Seattle Seahawks….my husband being one of them….which is how I ended up in Portland. He’s worth it. After 10 years of slinging in the real estate world, I am taking a break to be at home with my two kids. So far, so good. Everyone is still alive so I consider it a win thus far. I have taught myself to “cook” over the past 5-6 years (I use quotation marks because my skill set (while improving) is mediocre at best) and use Pinterest daily to keep my 2 kids busy….I mean….to teach them and enrich their lives through learning (that’s what I’m supposed to say….but it really is mostly to keep them happy and me sane).

I love wine. Like if my house were burning down, I would grab my kids and a bottle of wine kind of love. Other things I love? I love love….and happiness…and ellipses. I am passionate about providing a safe, loving and fun environment for my kids to learn in. I am all about “playful literacy” and will share my journey of what that means while trying to teach my tiny humans about life…and love.