DIY: Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Ornament Collage

At the beginning of this year I cried FREEDOM (as only myself and a blue-faced Mel Gibson could) as I walked my two youngest children into preschool.  It marked what would be my first time home alone in what felt like…ever. Granted, it was technically six hours a week, but us desperate moms take what we can get!
At every drop off I saw a sign up request for “room mom”. I screamed in my brain, “NOT IT!!!” and went sailing past. It’s my personal belief that mothers of 4+ children should be exempt from all such acts of volunteer work.
However days passed and weeks passed and, ugh, why is no one signing up?!!!
Finally. They cornered me. Like a gang in the school office. They told me how easy it is and how low commitment it would be… before I knew it they had me signing forms.
Christmas time is upon us now and, I, the room mom, the one with no spare time and an already low tolerance for projects and to-do’s suggest we should also add a personal gift from the kids.
I scoured Pinterest and she failed me. Nothing was jumping out and everything that looked somewhat intriguing also looked really hard and annoying.
I found myself walking Michaels aimlessly when, voila – the perfect personalized gift appeared to me as if in a dream! Well – it was the sale section- which is like a dream.
My idea was to create 1 ornament for each of the teachers with a collaboration of quotes about her from each of the students.
I picked up these super cheap ornaments that are plastic balls that open up:

Open Ornament

I interviewed all the kids and gathered adorable quotes like “I like her shirts”, “she gives me hand soap” and “I can tell she loves me”. I printed them at home in various fonts (remember I don’t do fancy!) and cut them out by hand into little strips.
I sprayed the inside of each side LIGHTLY (do too much and it will look like a snow globe) with this amazing Scotch Super 77 spray adhesive.

Scotch Super 77

And then laid the quote strips in in random order. I did the same with the other side and let them both dry 10 minutes or so.

Inside Ornament

Then I filled the one side with this precut holiday looking ribbon stuff:

Festive Filler

And closed the ornament!
I added gold string as the ornament hook on top and – boom – my project is complete!



Total time: less than an hour
Cost: under $20- (use a coupon on the spray adhesive)
Supplies needed all at Michaels:
-Celebrate It™ Plastic Snap Ornament, 100mm – Ball (Sku 10426141)
Scotch Super 77 spray adhesive
-Festive filler
-String for ornament
-Paper for printing words

Cheers to the Holidays, Mommies!