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A Fashion Collaboration with Mimic Design

Recently I was approached by Mimic Design, an online Etsy store, to do a collaboration on Polyvore. In return for the sets I created I received store credit to buy any items of my choice. Mimic Design sells custom-made clutches, handbags, shoes and jewelry.

Here are the sets I created for the collaboration with Mimic Design:

Mimic Design Polyvore set created by: Edenslove
Mimic Design Polyvore set created by: Edenslove
Mimic Design Polyvore set created by: Edenslove

With the store credit I received I wanted to do something special for my daughter, Eden. I wanted to buy her a piece of jewelry as a mother-daughter gift. Eden has lots of necklaces, earrings and bracelets but I have never given her a ring. Mimic has an adorable age-appropriate Heart Stackable Ring ($20.00) that I felt was the perfect gift for my little girl. Eden was thrilled when I handed her the little teal box wrapped in a white bow (that reminded me of Tiffany’s). She loves her ring and begs me to wear it all of the time. It is 14K gold-plated and I really don’t want her to lose it, so we save it for special occasions.

Eden Mimic Ring CollageWith the remaining store credit I bought myself the Special Edition Asymmetrical Leopard Fold-Over Clutch ($130.00). When I received the clutch I was shocked by how cute and trendy it is but, most of all, by how beautifully made it is. The clutch is made out of calf hair leather, suede and a YKK Zipper. When I wore it to my birthday dinner I received numerous compliments on it. Let’s just say I am very satisfied and excited about my picks.

Mimic Clutch 1
Rocking my Clutch from Mimic Design

Rocking my Clutch from Mimic Design

I loved making the sets for Mimic Design and I also loved the items I received. The collaboration was a success and I hope to work with this Etsy shop again in the future. I am a girl who loves and appreciates fashion. And when I say I love something I mean it.


Ever Fashionably Yours,



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