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Post-It Note Personal Trainer

Post It Note WorkoutOk ok. My youngest child is 2.5…I’m not breast feeding…nap schedules are set…

I really should work out.
(I mean, if I ever hope to get that booty back I’m guessing sooner rather than later is key)

I looked into the local gyms, the child care, the local Pilates studio. Nothing was jumping out. And it is so expensive! Plus by the time I got to the gym, checked the kids in, did the workout and drove home – I’ve burned at least 2 hours! How many times a week am I supposed to do this? “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!”

A month ago, as I watched the downward descent of my mom butt, I realized I had to do something. Something quick and easy and that could be done on my own schedule. I grabbed a note pad out of my desk and labeled it with some exercises. It was a Sunday and I gave myself until Saturday to complete them. The Post-It Note Trainer was born:

60 minutes on treadmill
50 push ups
150 squats
100 lunges
4 min of planks
100 crunches
(You get the idea)

Whenever I found the time I would bang out a portion of the post it note. On the days I had more time I would use the treadmill and do all the crunches. If I didn’t have time to do a full workout but did have, say 5 minutes on my hands, I would do 40 squats and 25 push ups and simply subtract them from the post it. For someone who LOVES the feeling of checking off a list…oh man, this is incredibly motivating! Even if I’m not crossing off an entire line at a time, just ticking off portions of my tasks feels awesome. And I love seeing the numbers go down on my little brightly colored, omnipresent personal trainer.

Now I do own a treadmill, which helps, but the only other equipment I have is a pair of 8lb dumbbells I bought from Marshalls. You could sub in running stairs for treadmill time if you live in a two-story or an apartment building. Or maybe a stroller walk or jog if the weather is decent.  Just doing anything feels better than nothing! Think of what you want to accomplish, write it down for the week’s goal and post that bad boy where you can see it: bathroom mirror, kitchen cork board. Then enjoy that floating heart flutter one only achieves when crossing off a list!

Get ’em girls!

post it note motivation


2 thoughts on “Post-It Note Personal Trainer

  1. Refashion Mama- I’m on week 5 and I’m seriously so motivated by getting things crossed off my list! I feel so productive! Did I sew on the girl scout patches or fold my laundry…no- but you better believe those squats are checked off!!

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