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I love a good beauty social media account just like anyone else. Instagram has been my go-to site for a long time now. I prefer IG because it’s quick/easy and if I need to research something further the account user usually has a link that I can go to for additional details.

In my beauty journey on Instagram I have found many great users. Some people I actually know and some I wish I could look like. I wanted to share with you all my favorite beauty accounts because I’m hoping they are just as helpful to you as they have been to me.

First up I’d like to shout out a friend of Milk & Mascara’s – the beautiful and talented Beauty by Melina. Melina is an amazing makeup artist with skills that leave me in awe. She has painted the faces of friends, models and celebrities for special events like the Grammys and weddings. I highly recommend her work to anyone looking to get their makeup done for a special occasion.




Another favorite Instagram beauty user of mine is Andreschoice. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but her makeup skills are on point. A few favorite things I love about her everyday looks is how dramatic she makes her lips and how perfect her brows are. She has a large following on YouTube as well where she gives really awesome makeup tutorials.

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Something you may not know about Andrea is she has an identical twin sister who is just as gorgeous as she is. Her twin sister Brittany’s Instgram is under Brittanyschoice.



YouTube Channel:

Here are a few other amazing beauty users to look up on Instagram: 








And last but not least Jordan Bone, an IG beauty who inspires you beyond beauty tips & tricks.



Have fun scrolling through pictures and getting inspired for fall.

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