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My Summer Style

Since spring has sprung and summer is about to bring the heat, I want to share with all of my fashionably dressed friends what I will be rocking this summer!

Shopping for a new look can become really expensive and, since I know my husband won’t buy the excuse that all my shopping is research-related, I had to create a look without burning a hole in my wallet. Since I already love the maxi skirt and tee trend so much I figured…why not make this my summer style?! It’s cute, comfy and super easy (and fun!) to shop for the necessities to perfect this look.

I did use more expensive items in my Polyvore set below but I’ll show you some cheaper options as well.

Maxi Summer Polyvore Set
Maxi Summer Polyvore Set

Here are a few looks from my Pinterest board dedicated to my maxi skirt obsession. These looks are my favorite and are perfect for any summer event.

graphicteemaxi glittermaxi redmaxi

So now that you are just as obsessed as I am with this look let’s get shopping. I recently bought three really amazing maxi skirts from Charlotte Russe. Check them out below.

These run between $24.99- $39.99

Crochet-Waist Chiffon Maxi Skirt
High-Waisted Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt

The easiest part of shopping for this look is buying the tees. You can buy cheap tees anywhere in any color of the rainbow. You may want to look for deals: Target and Old Navy almost always have great deals going on. I buy my tees from both because they are cheap and made well. Another place for great tees is Forever 21. If you want to rock this look with a graphic tee I would try Cotton On or H&M. And I would bank on the fact that many of you already have white or black tees, so don’t forget to shop your own closet!

Here are a few of my favorite tees to style with the maxi skirt.

H&M Jersey Top
H&M Jersey Top
Target Boyfriend V Tee
Target Boyfriend V Tee
Forever 21 Spatter Print Pocket Tee
Forever 21 Spatter Print Pocket Tee

Now that you have some styling ideas and shopping tips, it’s your turn to be inspired and figure out what your Summer Style will be. Please make sure to comment below and tell me about any stores I may have missed or any styles you’d like to see featured here for summer. Happy Shopping!!

Ever Fashionably Yours,




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