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Ikea Hack: Latt Children’s Table Set!

Throwback Thursday! Jenelle’s awesome Ikea Hack has inspired many over the last year (it is our most popular post!). This fun project is particularly timely right now: school is out soon so why not create a fun space for your little one to do art projects, read books, snack or simply enjoy a ‘just my size’ spot?! Helping to paint or assemble can make them feel like they made it too. And something new in the house can go a long way during the summer months of tapered-off activities.

Thanks again for your crafting guide, Jenelle!

Table 3

Auburn is at the age where she is obsessed with furniture that is her size. Every time she sees a child’s chair she runs to it, examines it and then gets in and out of it for the next 20 minutes. I originally wanted to make a table for her out of pallets (I blame Pinterest).  The reasonable part of my brain told me it was too complex a project for my very impatient self.

I’ve been infatuated with Ikea hacks. (Again, I blame Pinterest). I love the idea of taking something that is inexpensive and whipping it into a one-of-a-kind piece that becomes sentimental and unique. Adding a decorative spin to furniture is also much easier than building it from scratch. And, at $19.99, the Ikea Latt Table is affordable enough that I could mess up a couple of times and not feel too bad about it!

Originally I planned on…

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