Switch Witch Weekend



Are your little pumpkins running around on candy overload from last night?  It is not too late to start a images-1fun post-Halloween tradition: the Switch Witch!  You have probably heard of this concept already, but the idea is kids can trade their candy for a toy.  There are a number of Switch Witch poems and books, and the concepts are very cute and leave plenty of room for our own renditions.  Charity A. O’Neill-O’Kane’s The Switch Witch takes the candy to feed her fat cat name Magic!

This is our family’s first year having a child old enough to really understand the concept of trick-or-treating, and to not really know when his Halloween haul of candy goes mystically missing (yep, I’m that mom).  Even now, at 3 years old, I wasn’t entirely sure if the Switch Witch concept would go over and was also unprepared with a present in case he did choose to deal some candy out to a fat cat.  This morning he was telling us he was sad that Halloween was over so I decided to give it a whirl, explaining that the weekend after Halloween is Switch Witch Weekend.  We talked about how kind she is and wondered if he would be interested in giving his candy to Magic, the fat cat.  He decided he wanted to keep some candy but was completely on board with the process of auditing his treasure.  He immediately gave all the big candies to the Switch Witch (shock and awe), and when we discovered the amount of small candies still added up to a plentiful pile we laid them out again and talked about what each one tasted like.  He unburdened his bucket further and was pretty proud that he had lots to leave for the Switch Witch and a tiny bit to keep for himself.

The final glorious improv detail that we implemented: the Switch Witch also only comes while children are sleeping (a concept he is familiar with thanks to Santa), but she makes her stops during nap time and only at homes of children truly catching some Zzzzz’s.  Post-Halloween rest is good for all!  And, I’ve got to say, giving this a try the day or weekend after Halloween might not be a bad plan (though, make no mistake, we did it this way simply because we were unprepared).  But the night of Halloween may be a storm of too much excitement and some sleep-ready kids still reveling in their hard-earned candy booty.

So…if the thrill of Thanksgiving is not a close enough holiday for your tuckered-out, un-costumed kid, maybe a Switch Witch Weekend is in store?




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