Milk and Mascara is Turning One!

Milk & Mascara is approaching our first birthday, and we thought we should get a little dressed up for the occasion.  We have a fancy new page to tell you who we are and what our name is all about!  And, more than anything, we want to say THANK YOU for supporting M+M as a special space to enjoy a variety of interests, fun banter, and inspiring ideas.


We are the five mamas of Milk & Mascara! What does Milk & Mascara mean, you ask? The name first struck me during the early infant phase of my son’s life, when I felt like I could leave the house and be (1) prepared, and (2) semi-human as long as I had milk for the baby and mascara on my eyes.  Then when I went back to work I would look in the passenger seat of my car every morning at my breast pump bag with my tube of mascara sticking out of the pocket. I had to wait to put my mascara on until I got to work because I would cry my face off during my drive. Once I parked I would “put my big girl panties on”, slap makeup on my face, grab my pump bag, and walk into the office…all the while marveling at the strength and balance required of motherhood.  So…from this experience stemmed the idea of celebrating the astonishing balancing act we perform by recognizing and writing to both the mother and the woman in us all!


Amy with Jackson, 3 and Quinn, 6 months

I’m Amy and I enjoy this blessing called life by wearing as many hats as I can fit on my head (and in my day): first I’m mom and the rest of my rotating hat rack includes being: a work-from-home nonprofit Assistant Director, a yoga teacher, and a blogger! I love my day job, I am not complete if I’m not writing and reading, I am constantly amazed by the power of yoga, and I am humbled daily by the gifts God bestows upon me through my husband and children. I’m an optimist by nature but I really like to hash out the rough patches of life in a way that allows me to learn something, connect with someone through the journey, and make myself a better version than before I set out.

Jenelle and Auburn, 21 months. Pictured here at 6 months


I’m Jenelle and I love the beauty and creativity in all things. Make no mistake, I am also a nerd at heart. On my Pinterest profile you will find I’m obsessed with an effortless chic style; home decor that strikes that perfect balance between a modern and rustic look; and I can appreciate a good font. I confess to being a pathological reader and “serial entrepreneur”. I have two trips in fashion and one in nursery decor stamped in my business-owner passport. I love to plan, create, research and crunch numbers (that’s the nerd in me). I feel most complete when I’m building a pathway to my dreams and working towards something that is my own. I currently work part-time in merchandising for a European tabletop company. I often count my blessings that the flexibility of my job allows me to do the Mommy and Me group activities with my toddler that we both love (and allows time for blogging!) I have been told that I am the world’s greatest listener, which I contribute to 1) my contagious optimism that makes people feel at ease, and 2) my love of learning. I feel that there is a learning opportunity in every situation, especially in being a mom! My favorite days are spent outdoors surrounded by family and friends while sharing good food, conversation and laughter.


This simple blog idea would be nothing without our astonishing contributors. Not only do they offer brilliance within the worlds of fitness, fashion and beauty, their perspectives on motherhood and family are wise, relatable, and (sometimes) just plain funny. They each deserve a little love note to explain who they are and why they are awesome. And now An Ode to Sarah, Kelly and Jennie


Sarah and Eden, 5


Our fashion guru and online styling genius! Sarah is a powerhouse of creativity with an eye for the ever-fabulous and an instinct for what is in (and what is not). It’s no surprise that her talent has earned her a massive online following. She has won numerous Polyvore-hosted contests and this platform has led to collaboration opportunities with designers like Top Shop and even her current online styling gig for a savvy start-up company. Sarah’s daughter is, naturally, one of the most stylish kiddos out there! She is a lucky girl to have a mom who (quite literally) makes motherhood, childhood, and family life look good.







Kelly ~ Mommy of Xavier, 12, Paris, 9, Mekhi, 4 Cruz, 18 months


Kelly is in our in-house esthetician and beauty queen! She crafts an unbeatable brow on any face, can design an effective skincare regimen in her sleep, and loves to make people feel beautiful. Kelly sees beauty and potential first, in everything. She loves the facelift effect of home décor and remodeling. When it comes to family, she believes in a “begin with the end in mind” approach to raising her kids (a good motto for life in general!). As a self-proclaimed relationship guru, she attributes her success in taming her own lion to her keen ability to think like a man. So, as you can imagine, when you can get an Allure magazine-awarded facial while receiving relationship and child raising advice, the line to Kelly’s door is loooong.







Jennie and Isabella, 5



Anyone know a powerhouse fitness and foodie phenom? We do! Jennie grew up in a small farm town with a family of farmers and track and cross country athletes and coaches. Jennie competed in both sports herself and also coached at the high school and college level. All the while holding onto her creative outlet – cooking, baking and crafting – which was formed from a childhood surrounded by freshly picked produce and homemade pies, cobblers and jams! Jennie is a full-time working mama (in events) and approaches raising her daughter the same way she approached coaching: it’s a science and an art. There are core principles that most of us adhere to, but there is an art to applying those principles to our unique, ever-changing little people. She has also taught her daughter what she hopes to instill in the women in her life: strength is beautiful.