Toddler Camp

TC Farm

Life with my little toddler has been an adventure lately! Every day Auburn tells us a new word or shows us a new skill that she has learned. Earlier this week I introduced her to my brother’s friend and showed her how to shake his hand. She asked him, “How are you?”. I was floored because I have never heard her say that before! Emily Post would be so proud of her manners and etiquette.

Seeing Auburn’s personality develop while watching her discover the world has been one of my favorite joys of motherhood so far. We just wrapped up the summer session of Toddler Camp, and it was a great way for us both to explore our community. Toddler Camp is an 8-week program that promotes early learning and socializing by organizing stimulating, themed activities for toddlers at locations within your county. There are four sessions a year and they area are geared towards each season. A few of our summer meetings included a visit to a watermelon farm, an art class, a swim class, and a picnic at the park with Princess Elsa. Each new environment was an opportunity for me to see what Auburn gravitated towards and what she enjoyed and didn’t. It was also a great way for us both to socialize and meet people who are in the same phase of life.

TC Art ClassFall Session for Orange County starts the week of September 16th and goes through the week of November 10th. There are Tuesday and a Thursday sessions available. Most sessions start between 9am and 9:30am. The registration includes one parent and one child, a welcome camp bag, and healthy snack each week. Having the snacks provided definitely took some of the pressure off of ‘planning’ our day.

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Toddler Camp is offered in 10 cities within: California; Long Island, NY; Hamptons, NY; Chicago; and Tampa, FL. To find out if Toddler Camp is offered in a city near you check out their website by clicking here.