Inspire All Young Minds

Math Fair

Most of us saw the Verizon commercial that went viral a couple of weeks ago, “Inspire Her Mind”. I could not agree more with the message that words shape us. Don’t get me wrong, I think my daughter is gorgeous and we let her know daily; but she’s also brilliant, kind, athletic, and hilarious. Society puts quite a bit of emphasis on appearance, so it’s important for me as her parent to balance that with the message that her mind and character are just as, if not more, beautiful. “Inspire Her Mind” is a fantastic concept, but I can’t help but think about the bigger picture. Our country as a whole, boys and girls, struggle in Math (ranked 26th out of 65 countries according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and Science (ranked 18th out of 65). So, although I absolutely agree with the message of “Inspire Her Mind”, why not try to inspire all young minds?

One way I try to inspire my daughter’s young mind is to try to keep learning fun, and to find new and different ways to facilitate learning. I’m constantly looking for positive and exciting teaching opportunities at home and experiences within my community. As moms, we want to give our kids the best, inspire them to love learning, and give them every opportunity they need to succeed.  Unfortunately, many of the “fun” robotics, engineering, and other math and science camps can be pricey. So when I hear about inexpensive or free events, I have to share!

Math Fair

The MIND Research Institute is a national organization whose mission is to make math fun by teaching it through games and visual learning. On Saturday, August 2nd they are sponsoring a FREE Math Fair for grades K-12 in Orange County. How awesome is that?! The fair’s website boasts a lineup of mathematically-themed activities including a giant bounce house of various geometric shapes, a Math Mystery Theater, and a Lil’ Mathematician Zone. There will also be hands-on games, rides, puzzles, and musical and theatrical performances. What a great opportunity and fun event to inspire all young minds!

Math Fair

Parents can also learn a thing or two at the fair through the Family Math Workshops. These interactive sessions will provide visitors ideas on how to continue the math fun at home. Tips include how to incorporate mathematics into everyday life activities as well as how to talk to your kids about finance.

For any of our Southern California readers, I hope you can check it out!

Interested in this event? Click here to for more information.

For everyone else, what are events you’ve found in your area and fun at-home learning you and your kids enjoy?









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