Summer Styling For a Post-Baby Bod!


I got to see my beautiful fellow M+M blogger, Amy, recently and meet her gorgeous newborn daughter, Quinn. During the visit our talk turned to fashion and Amy exclaimed that she needed some styling advice on dressing her post-baby body for the summer. We live about 6 hours apart so it wasn’t feasible for us to physically go shopping together (though we were tempted to run to the mall right then & there!). As luck would have it, Amy is an avid online shopper and, since I’m an online stylist, we were a match made in Online Inspiration Board Heaven!

Along with style, Amy wanted me to keep comfort & budget in mind.  I knew there were some other key things to take into consideration when styling a California mama with a young babe: Amy is breastfeeding, she’s going to be rocking her looks in the hot summer climate, and she needs her trendy pieces to be functional and realistic for tending to and chasing after her littles. My goal was to search affordable brands, and I chose to focus my hunt at H&M, Old Navy, The Loft and a few online stores.


Amy really wanted to bring rompers to her summer wardrobe so I created a set on polyvore with a variety of cute, modest, and age-appropriate rompers. Rompers and jumpers can look really bad if you don’t get the right fit, so be careful of color, patterns and styles. Always try on a romper or jumper before you leave the store, or buy from an online store that has an easy return policy.

Summer Rompers


I don’t usually shop at the Loft but a new line called Lou & Grey has me really excited. In the set below I chose items that looked cute, comfortable, and trendy. Busy moms don’t have all the time in the world to dress up everyday. These styles will not only be easy to throw on but can be easily styled. I also paired these items with the new summer sandal trend: two-strap sandals. These are a few of my favorites.

The Loft + 2B Sandals


Amy mentioned Old Navy as a budget-friendly spot to load up on items for a changing body. I do think they have a reputation for being geared towards an “older” look or only selling “Mom” clothes.  But I also find their items to be well-fitting and comfortable. For instance, their shorts fit really well, especially for those hips, butts and quads that have recently changed due to giving birth.  So, in my set below I created outfits that are cute for summer, easy for for nursing, and will rescue anyone from the frumpy mom look (all while still be comfortable & affordable).

Old Navy Looks


One of my favorite stores on this planet is H&M. Whenever I go shopping there I see women and men of all ages finding items that match their wide-ranging, individual styles. So it was a no-brainer to look here for Amy.  In my set below I took two different dresses that look very comfortable and easy, and I added some styling. Hats are in big this summer as well as Birkenstocks and Two-Strap sandals. Both of these looks offer comfort and ease while keeping it trendy.

HM Looks


In my set below I created another two looks from H&M. I wanted to create options that are not only comfortable but can transition for hubby time or girls night out. Kimonos are really in this year and so are booties with shorts. I think both looks are casual and flattering for anyone. Fringe is also in this year so I wanted to incorporate that trend.

HM Looks 2

As an online stylist I had a great time putting together these looks and trying to think like Amy. As a mom I know just how hard it is to not only style your new body but also to style looks that fit your new lifestyle. What I am hoping for Amy (and any other new mamas out there) is that she always feels confident in whatever she wears. Confidence wears better than any outfit you could ever put on.


Ever Fashionably Yours,


P:S  If you are interested in any items or looks from this post please comment or message us and we will get you the links to find the items at. These sets were made by me on my secondary polyvore page found here: