What to Wear to my Polyvore So Cal Meetup

Polyvore Meetup


This Saturday is my So Cal Polyvore Tea Party Meetup. Polyvore is an online social site where you can shop and create really cute fashion, art or home sets/collages. Through Polyvore we socialize, network, share products and promote brands. I became a Polyvore member about three years ago. I have made great friends and important business connections through the Polyvore community. I’m hoping for more opportunities to come forth but only time will tell. This is my current account: http://edenslove.polyvore.com/

Our member meetups are held worldwide. The last meetup I heard about was in Brazil. Some meetings are community member hosted and some are hosted by Polyvore. In 2012, I was invited and flown out to a Polyvore hosted meetup at their corporate headquarters in San Jose. It was AWESOME! I especially enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet members of the Polyvore community in person. Among them was my Poly best friend, Leanne, who is located in Georgia. This year I will be taking my niece and our fellow M&M blogger Jenelle. If you don’t already know, Milk & Mascara has a Polyvore account that can be found here: http://milkandmascara.polyvore.com/

Since Polyvore is such a chic, trendy and fashion centered site the members typically are just that. I would love to call myself chic and trendy at times but my everyday self is less than spectacular. So I put together some looks on my other Polyvore account called Trendystateofmind (http://trendystateofmind.polyvore.com/) I came up with several looks that I’d like to share. These looks are just templates, ideas if you will, of how I would like to dress for the meetup. I wont buy the exact same items in the sets but it’s nice to know what you’d like and what you are looking for when shopping (or going through your nieces closet!).

Look 1:

Tea Party Look 1

 Look 2:

Tea Party Look 2

 Look 3:

Tea Party Look 3

 Look 4:

Tea Party Look 4

 Look 5:

Tea Party Look 5

 Look 6:

Tea Party Look 6

 Look 7:

Tea Party Look 7

 Look 8:

Tea Party Look 8

Please sound off in the comments and tell me what you think and what is your favorite look for the meetup. Looks 6 and 7 are my favorites. It is a Tea Party themed event so keep that in mind. Also, if you’d like to know where to purchase any of the items in this post let me know in the comments and I can get you that information to you. Wish me chic luck!

Ever Fashionably Yours,