Keep the Love Going!

mom tulipsIt’s the day after Mother’s Day and wasn’t yesterday awesome?! It’s this sweet, meaningful celebration day that, for me, feels far more significant than my birthday. I get to celebrate – and be celebrated for – being a mother. That seems more amazing than simply turning another year older. And we get to share it with the women in our lives: our own mothers & grandmothers, friends, family, mothers-to-be, and even strangers. There is a glow in the air on Mother’s Day, emulating the warmth that we, as mommies, create for those we love.

So why this day-after post? Because I don’t want anyone out there to feel that day-after-Christmas let down when the family time, fun, and surprises being planned is over. Take a little piece of Mother’s Day with you into this week and stash it in your pocket for the year ahead. You are loved, appreciated, your work is significant, your effort is tireless, your love is unconditional, and your worth is beyond measure. That is why your family needs to save up ideas and store their energy all year just to give you a bit of what you deserve!

I know there were a million sweet words said out loud and penned yesterday. This one, written by a dear friend of mine (and an amazing musician, father & husband), was really beautiful to me. He posted for all the world to see that his wife is amazing and that her “sole purpose in life is to show our daughter a beautiful world and that love rules all. There is NO JOB tougher on the soul. Moms of the world, pump that fist today. You rock.”

So rock on…



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