Sarah’s Favorite Things For Summer

Lets face it – summer is not my favorite month for fashion when it comes to dressing my body. But I do have a few favorite things for summer up my sleeve.

My first favorite is the romper. If you can do this look maturely then you will look cool and cute for summer. Beware of too short, crazy sprints and colorful rompers. These rompers can be seen as a bit juvenile.
My second favorite is the jumpsuit. One person I have seen who rocks this look right is Khloe Kardashian. And the best thing about her is that she has curves! So that means a jumpsuit should look good on everyone. (Please try it on before buying…I said ‘should’) Again, just like the romper, the wrong jumpsuit can look like you’re trying to be sixteen again so be mindful of the color, print and structure.
My third favorite trend this summer is the two strap sandal. When I first saw them it took me back to the third grade and floral polyester dresses. But these sandals have grown on me. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ my mother always told me and so I have related that to clothing as well. Try them on before you knock it.
My fourth favorite trend is the ‘Say It’ clutches. I love a good worded clutch and there are so many adorable ways these days to make a statement. If I were you though I may stay away from the YOLO and the Turn Up clutches.
My fifth and last favorite trend is the daisy print. This brings me back to the 90s when Dazed and Confused, Mad Love and Drew Barrymore’s pixie ruled my life! How I love a good daisy print. You can now find daisies all over clothing but I’ll let Eden wear that. For me, I will stick to daisy inspired jewelry. How pretty would a daisy necklace be with a soft summer maxi?

So below is a set with all of my favorite summer trends. Happy shopping!

Ever Fashionably Yours,