We Heart Haiti Babi!

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Isn’t it fun when shopping helps others?!  I love buying something great while giving back – talk about the opposite of buyer’s remorse! Allow me to introduce you to a brand whose products are just as beautiful as their inception story.

Haiti Babi gives moms in Haiti jobs knitting and crocheting high-quality artisan baby goods, empowering them to earn a living while caring for their family.  Founder, Katlin Jackson, explains the reason and her personal inspiration for starting this tremendous organization, which provides Haitian women with an income 2.2 times the minimum wage, allowing them to save for the future and truly transform their families’ lives.

Haiti Babi Founder, Katlin Jackson

During my first trip to Haiti, while volunteering at an infant care center and orphanage, I fell in love with a one-year-old boy named Sterly.

As with many of the other children there, Sterly’s parents couldn’t afford a house, food or simple medical care to keep him alive. Sadly, Sterly’s story is not uncommon in Haiti. Many of the 500,000 children in Haitian orphanages are not orphans but have parents who simply cannot afford to provide for them.

On a trip to Haiti a few months later, I got to visit Sterly in his home as he had been reunited with his family. When I met Sterly’s family and experienced how much they loved him, I knew that this is where he was always supposed to be. No parent should have to be without their child simply because they can’t afford him. Leaving Sterly’s house that day, I knew I had to do something to create a sustainable solution to this common problem in Haiti. These families need a hand up, not a hand out.

My own children, Jackson and Quinn, are the proud owners of two beautiful Haiti Babi blankets.  The quality of these blankets is beyond what photographs can capture.  They are works of art: super soft and snuggly works of art!  And – a little sneak peak – Haiti Babi is now making hats!

As a mom who received these meaningful gifts as shower and birth presents, I have to say they are truly treasured in our home.  So next time you are wondering what in the world to buy for a friend’s shower, a baby’s arrival, or a little one’s birthday…support a family in need with a handmade Haiti Babi product.  Moms helping moms…women helping women. Go us!


To shop or learn more about Haiti Babi visit their website at http://haitibabi.org, follow them on Facebook at (www.facebook.com/HaitiBabi), and on Twitter (@haitibabi). You can also watch their story below.