Quinn’s Nursery – Part II: Elephants On Parade

pink mom and baby elephant

My dear friend (and M+M contributor), Jenelle, is brilliant.  Her talent for design is just one of her areas of brilliance, and is one I am lucky enough to benefit from and, therefore, must share!

She sent me inspiration boards for every facet of designing a nursery: bedding (which you’ve already seen, if not click this link), wall art and curtains, rugs and decor…and inspire me they did!  My last six weeks of pregnancy were spent in nesting mania with a nursery design focus. Yes, if you read that right it means I hadn’t done a thing to get the nursery ready until January…for my mid-Feb due date.  I had zeroed in on a color palette of lavender, grey and light yellow and a theme I was calling “India Bazaar Chic”.  I wanted to capture lanterns, lotus flowers, intricate patterns and elephants.

The elephants came to life best for me in the artwork.  It was so much fun to hunt for prints that were sweet but not babyish, whimsical but not overly eccentric, and had the dash of love I wanted to convey to my little girl.  Every piece hanging in Quinn’s room was done by an Etsy artist and was customized – some in their entirety and others just in the particular colors used.  I love working with artists on Etsy, (1) because I love to support individual, talented artists, and (2) because the good ones will communicate and work to create exactly what I’m looking for.  In my nesting craze of online shopping and Etsy hunting, I found a handful of these fantastic artists who created the perfect collection of elephants for Quinn’s room.

My first beloved elephant print (two prints in this case) was found at lulusimonSTUDIO.  Artist, Lindsay Johnson, had these prints of a mom and baby elephant displayed on her Etsy shop in hot pink (shown at the top of this post).  The sweetness of the illustration caught my eye immediately.  

mom and baby elephant

Lindsay made sure the shade of purple was exactly what I wanted – sending me online paint swatches first and proofs of the print for final approval.  The result (with a little pizzazz from these Z Gallerie frames) was perfect.


I stumbled upon these great vintage dictionary prints but the artist was unable to change the color of the hearts (and red wasn’t going to work in the room).

dictionary heart elephant

I found a similar aesthetic at LilysNurseryShop and artist, Donna, was able to create her own take of the print for me with light yellow hearts.

quinn art work 1b

She also created an adorable light switch cover:

quinn lightswitch cover

This print is a reminder to my daughter to be herself (color coordinated to compliment the room, of course). Thank you, Meka, of PaperPlanePrints for making this “Be You” piece the oddball size I needed for my snazzy gold frame! (see below)

The last elephant to join the parade was a completely customized burlap print by ModernRusticGirl!  I was thrilled by this creation because the inspiration piece was a few hundred dollars and far out of budget (or reason for a nursery!).  Artist, Paula, makes beautiful burlap pillows and agreed to create a large burlap print for me that my husband wrapped around canvas to mount on the wall.

quinn artwork b

Between the brilliance of these Etsy artists and Jenelle, Quinn’s nursery really did come to life in a unique way for me.  And the elephant prints paved the way for the rest of my design choices…final nursery post to come!