Baby Lit – An Adorable Twist on Classic Literature

So I know I am late on this because I found the books at Costco but the geek in me has to share! Just in case you haven’t seen some of the most adorable board books in the world. Behold!


Costco had a two book set for $9.99. One set is Alice In Wonderland and Romeo & Juliet. The other set offered includes Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility. I love classic literature, especially Jane Austen. What I am finding so enjoyable about motherhood right now is being able to share the things that I love with Auburn. So the Jane Austen set was a must buy!

The Pride & Prejudice book is a counting primer. I enjoyed the sense of humor in the writing. My favorite aspect of the book is that the illustrations are beautifully done and cheeky.



The creators, writer Jennifer Adams and illustrator Alison Olive, call the series Baby Lit. They try to stay true to the language, color scheme and concepts of each book they adapt. Baby Lit also offers playsets, totes, buttons and illustration prints through their website.

How cute would a reading themed nursery be with these prints?!

print_anna-karenina-207x259 print_wuthering-heights-207x259 print_huck-finn-207x259

An e-version of the books are also available on iTunes, but I think the physical books are just too beautiful not to have.

Be happy,