New Year, New You, New DO

We typically make new year’s resolutions that revolve around self-discipline, self-realization and self-reflection. We focus on fitness, work goals and how to change ourselves within. We even focus on creating a new style for ourselves. But what about our hair?

I tend to change my hair color pretty frequently but stay within the same mid-back hair length. Last June, I finally chopped it all off and went for a short do I have been wanting for a long time. Now that my hair is growing out I feel like I need a new hair goal for 2014. I have been researching hair trends and trying to figure out what my 2014 hair will look like. I’m sure I will dye it about a hundred times this year and I will probably trim it here and there but I know I want to focus on keeping it long and getting it strong.

One recommendation I have received and would like to try is taking Biotin. This supplement is supposed to boost hair strength, combat hair loss and increase overall hair health. Another tip I read was to shampoo with baking soda and use coconut oil to condition. I have not tried any of these methods yet but when I do I will report back! You can also read up on these methods (or any others) and decide for yourself if it’s something you’d like to do.

 I wanted to share with you a few of the hair trends circulating around for 2014. Perhaps this post might inspire you to try something you never thought of before. Maybe you have always wanted to go short but have been too scared. I told you last year my hair was to the middle of my back and I chopped it ALL off.


We are so quick to make these brave new changes in the new year but sometimes we are too scared to take risks when it comes to our hair. I know hair can be a security blanket for a lot of women. Maybe we are moms who have zero time to style or students with a busy schedule. Even as working women we rush out of the house with no-fuss hair. Sometimes what we need is a moment, just a moment to think about ourselves. Do some research. Find a style that might be easier to style than the old faithful ponytail or bun. You are worth the time. 

Let me help you get started. Below are some great hair styles that I personally love for 2014. My goal and hope is to inspire you. Change is good.

Ever Fashionably Yours,


Long and Side Swept
The Midi, Great for Just About any Face Shape
Taylor Rocking Her New Bob
Pixie Cuts for Anne & Jennifer
Evolution Of The Ombre

Beyonce’s Chin Legth Cut