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Winter Olympics Party!

Happy 2014 Winter Olympics!

The Olympics is a special time when stories of hard work, perseverance and incredible talent provide the backdrop to one of the greatest shows of physical ability on Earth. As fellow blogger Jennie said, the Olympics can open invigorating dialogue with our children. A great way to bring family fun to the Olympic Games is to celebrate in it together. Here are some great DIY tutorials I found on Pinterest that kids and adults alike can enjoy during the winter games.


Pass the torch please! Makes and showcases a treat that is perfect for the opening ceremony.

That Cute Little Cake gives an adorable tutorial on creating gold medal cookies. They’re almost too cute to eat!

Gold Medal Cookie

No time to bake? Hot glue ribbon to the back of gold, bronze and silver wrapped chocolate coins like Evite Ideas did.


I Can Teach My does an easy DIY skating rink. Take a laminated letter size print out of the Olympic logo and place it in a glass casserole dish. Add water, freeze and ta-da! A perfect toy-size skating rink!

Stage an Olympic snowball fight. gives a great tutorial on creating snowballs out of wool.

Last night I watched my one-year-old daughter become completely enthralled by the music and movement of the figure skating competition. It was awesome to see that even baby Auburn can partake in the fun.

Be happy,



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