I don’t have Time For Fashion… I’m a MOM!

When it comes to being a mom sometimes we feel like we have no time for fashion. I know as much as I love fashion and staying in trend, during the week my style is less than anything special, mostly sweats and if I’m truly honest, barely wearing a bra. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a side job that I’m very blessed to be able to do from home. But it’s not just stay-at-home moms with this issue; some of us working moms still don’t find time for style. When you have to get two people dressed in the morning sometimes you tend to focus more on one person’s style and it usually isn’t your own.

Another problem is we often want to reinvent ourselves and yet we find we just resort back to our old style because time and life just wont permit. What I’ve found helpful (and often use for inspiration) is celeb mom fashion. I have found myself on more than one occasion taking style ques from Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Sienna Miller. They are walking living mannequins and we don’t have to go out and browse stores to see them. They are just one google search away. What I suggest is to find a celebrity mom that you not only love and admire but also can relate to when it comes to style. Whether you are boho, quirky, sporty, rocker, casual or primp and proper there are handfuls of celebrity moms who live chaotic lives and yet dress with a sense of style that would make any twenty-something jealous. 

Ok so there’s an issue. You have no idea what celebrity mom you relate to? No problem just search on your computer celebrity mom style in images and wallah, image after image of celebrity moms appear. Take the time during a nap, on your lunch break or after the little ones go to bed and find your match. Once you find the mom that best suits your style start saving images of their outfits. This way when you walk into your favorite store you’ll have an idea of what to buy. Dare I even suggest a Celebrity Style Dream Board for the more ambitious fashionistas?

Guys this is truly simple and time saving!!! Miranda Kerr taught me that cropped pants look good with heels and that Raybans are awesome. Jessica Alba showed me it was ok to wear scarves during the summer and to not be afraid and just buy my wedge sneakers already. Sienna Miller is my inspiration for anything with leather, red or fringe. I’m not a copy cat of these people. I still have a sense of me in every outfit I choose but it’s nice to get style advice for free when I don’t really have the time or money to talk to a stylist.

So what I’ll do for you is include a list of some celebrity moms that I love. They are not rocking my style per se but I feel they are great fashion examples for the busy mom. So my question to you is, Which Celebrity mom style do you relate to?

Ever Fashionably Yours,


Miranda Kerr has a very sleek and yet sexy approach to her style. She always has one statement item that just pops.
Halle loves COMFORT! Don’t get me wrong she can rock boots like no other but I love her laid back style most.
Katie has become a real fashion staple. Not only does she start fashion trends like “the boyfriend jeans” but she also dresses Suri quite adorably. Want a two for one fashion deal? Check out this duo!
So you’re a bit more dressy and you love wearing heels. Check out Victoria Beckham’s style. Another great thing about her is she has her own fashion line and everything in that line she would rock!
Calling all Rock Stars… Gwen has this look down pat. I literally love getting my rock inspiration from her. Not only does she dress hip but she also has boy and girl clothing lines out at Target called Hara Juku mini.
Now for the coolest mom I know – Rachel Zoe can literally teach you anything about fashion, especially how to be BoHo Chic. This woman is not only a stylist but she has her own clothing line and is a MOM to boot.