Quinn’s Nursery – Part 1: Lavender and Grey Bedding

M&M contributor, Amy, is expecting a sweet baby girl in February.  She asked me to collaborate with her on a nursery for Quinn (I love that name!).  As design processes often do, we have started off with one idea in mind and ended with another.  We want to share Quinn’s nursery journey with you.

The Map:

Quinn's Nursery Colors

From the beginning Amy knew she wanted the above color palette ~ shades of lavenders accented with grey and sunny yellow (instead of the mustard shade shown above).  She had in mind a very feminine, romantic room complete with a mini chandelier.

Amy sent me a picture of the bedding she was thinking about to give me an idea of the direction she was headed towards.  The set is Genevieve from Pottery Barn Kids (shown below).  I liked the feminine print of the quilt and bumper mixed with the more masculine pattern of the fitted sheet. 

I put together this inspiration board for Amy of other bedding options.

Lavender and Purple Nursery Bedding

I like to mix and match quilts, crib skirts and bumpers to create my own unique bedding collection.  I found myself drawn to the Land of Nod Mosaic Paisley print and the Restoration Hardware Kids line of bedding.  I especially adored the RHK Washed Appliquéd Fleur bumper (in 1. above).  The texture-rich rouching was so chic and really elevated the look of a plain white bumper.  I LOVE textured bedding and I LOVE white bedding.  If adults used bumpers for their beds I would have 3 of these.

I was so excited to email the inspiration board to Amy and was thrilled she responded right away! Here are her thoughts:

I was amazed by Jenelle’s eye and talent to tie the fantastic individual pieces together in one cohesive but interesting look!  I am someone who buys sets that I see online or in catalogues because my own ability to bring the eclectic together into a classy outcome is yet to be refined.

This one inspiration board launched me into hyperdrive nesting mode in the form of planning the nursery (more on that later).  The two sheeting options that drew me in most (above) were #1 and #3.  The Paisley from Land of Nod captured the essence of the patterns I’d like to incorporate in the room – and the combination of so much softness with the ruffle skirt and bumper struck me as incredibly feminine.  The delicacy of the Restoration Hardware Crochet bumper was, however, my favorite item on the entire board.  I ordered swatches from RH and LofN.

After getting the room painted in the Behr Pearl Violet shade we had selected, I started my shopping escapades with some of the key pieces I knew I wanted: our light yellow Best Chairs glider and ottoman and the Safavieh Barbour Rug in silver (another Jenelle find).  And this allowed the color collaboration to build.  The crib bumper and sheeting swatches began to arrive, along with a pillow and, unexpectedly, the curtain (hence the crumpled, just-fresh-from-delivery look in the photo!).

Quinn Nursery - Part 1

You can see how bringing the real fabrics and textiles together has begun to eliminate certain options.

lon quilt 2The Land of Nod Paisley is more magenta than the palette I’ve created.  Much to my dismay.  The other swatches are from Restoration Hardware and, so far, appear to be a better fit.  I’m also worried about sticking with too soft a color palette and missing my pops of color.  So…to the rescue (ANOTHER Jenelle find): the Bazaar Purple Print Crib Quilt from Land of Nod!

I will fight my old ways and only buy the quilt.  I’m excited to have the quilt as a guide for to my pop-of-color into my soft nursery venture.  So the rest of the crib bedding remains a TBD but the quest for finishing this nursery before Quinn’s arrival continues!

-Jenelle and Amy