First Birthday Dresses ~ Princess Impact

I never thought I would obsess over a dress as much as I did with my wedding dress. But obsess I did over my daughter’s first birthday dress!

I wanted a dress that had a clean, modern, and sophisticated look for Auburn to wear during her first birthday party. I found this dress on Instagram. (Yes, Instagram. More on my Instagram shopping habits later). It was simple, chic and cute. I loved the colors too and it complemented our Aubie-Pooh and Tigger theme party well.

Jason Wu + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection for Target, 2012

To help me stay awake during midnight feedings I would scour the internet. I came across this dress by Dream Catcher Baby during one of those late night internet voyages and I had it at the back of my mind for months. It is adorable and can be made in any color combination you choose.

But when I showed my ever-fashionable mother my two choices she proclaimed (in that condescending voice that only a mother can have), “But it doesn’t have PRINCESS IMPACT!”

Princess impact? Do we need that? Then I started thinking. As cute as the polka dot and the striped dresses were my mother did have a point. Princess impact would make for better pictures than polka dots. I checked on Pinterest. There had to be a collage somewhere that listed all the princess impact dresses I wanted in one place. Gasp! There was nothing! I couldn’t believe it.

Princess impact = tutus, doesn’t it? I didn’t know any other place to look for a dress like that except for on Etsy. Here are my finalists, delivered in a pretty collage package just for your First Birthday Obsession.


What I love about shopping on Etsy is that most of the items can be custom made. This opened a whole new can of worms for me because I couldn’t decide on the colors.

We went for dress number 1 from Little Bunny Tutus. I made Auburn wear it backwards though because the bow in the front was a little too much Princess Impact for me. I also thought it would look pretty from the back when I carried her.

image copy

I found Auburn’s crown on Instagram too at Love Crush Bowtique. Check out their Instagram for the cutest hair accessories, Love Crush Bowtique.

Funny thing is, Auburn’s birthday fell on the one Saturday in December that was cold and raining. Since it was so cold she arrived at the party in the polka dot dress complete with sweater and leggings. For birthday cake festivities she changed into her tutu dress. Because eating your first cake is a princess moment indeed!