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Kids fashion literally comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. Trends tend to come and go and our kids grow out of clothes so quickly. One of my missions when I had Eden was to find a handful of stores/brands that were not only affordable but also adorable. I started shopping for myself at cotton On in 2010 when the store opened at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA. I am obsessed with their clothing and their awesome sales. When Cotton On Kids showed up a few stores down I was elated and had to go inside. I am so glad I did.

This Christmas Eden received a box full of new clothing items from Cotton On Kids. She knows their tag and was so excited because it has become one of her new favorite stores. Not only do they have adorable clothes that she and I both love, they also have a sitting area in the store where kids can color, enjoy baskets of toys and an amazing accessory wall that Eden goes gaga over. Their regular prices can be a bit pricey but when they have a sale, boy do they have a sale! And if you don’t live near Irvine, don’t dismay! They have locations worldwide and their online store is stocked with their regular merchandise and amazing sale items.

Another reason I love Cotton On is they give back. When making a purchase they ask for your change or a dollar donation. For this small contribution you receive a bracelet that goes toward the Cotton On Foundation’s mission to educate 20,000 people in Southern Uganda by 2020.

Eden Christmas 2012Last year (2012), Eden’s Christmas outfit was from Cotton On and she wore a silver tutu skirt, a white with silver accents top, and the cutest little fairy wings attached to the back. All of these items were 30% off! Another sale they have that I love is buy two pairs of flats for $15.00. The best thing about this store is you never know what sale you may stumble upon. Sign up for their emails and they will send you a 30% off coupon for online purchases.

Below I created a Cotton On Kids set on our Milk & Mascara Polyvore account.

In the set I included a few things that I bought Eden this Christmas which can be viewed in the mini photo shoot below the set. What I love so much about being a mom is sharing secrets with others. I hope my little secret store will keep your kids styling all year long without breaking your wallets.

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