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Beauty Guide: Ombre Hair

Ombre is one of my favorite hair trends for the past couple years. It has constantly reinvented itself, which has contributed to its staying power. I have rocked the ombre look and have found ways each time to do it differently. Whether you are conservative or liberal with your hairstyle, the right ombre can really make a statement.

Below I have created a set on Polyvore showcasing my favorite products to give you the perfect ombre at home. Whether you want to go permanent with your ombre or wash it out the next day, this guide will help you achieve that look.

As soon as my hair grows back out I am going back to my ombre!

Ever Fashionably Yours,

One of my favorite celebrity ombre hairstyles belongs to Khloe Kardashian.
I am in love with Rachel Bilson’s dark ombre. The blond strands highlight her face perfectly.

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