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Yoga and Workout Gear for Belly Time…and Before and After!

Nonmaternity Items for Prenatal Yoga!

I love to fight the frump and put a little effort into my fitness fashion.  It springboards my entire go-get-it attitude because I’m looking good, so I’m feeling good, so I’m ready to crush my workout!

I don’t love to invest in items that I’m not going to use for very long.  Maternity wear falls into this category, understandably.  BUT I’ve weeded through all sorts of items to bring you my favorite non maternity wear that makes for fantastic prenatal yoga and workout gear!  So buy without remorse because these items work great before, during and after pregnancy!

Lululemon’s Free to Be sports bras offer a pop of color and they give a pretty back to any tank.  They also aren’t cut so low that “the girls” bust out as they grow during pregnancy.  Because I have this cute and high-quality undergear squared away, I pair the sports bra with Old Navy’s Tami tanktops: cheap, long (so they cover belly throughout) and an essential layering top for day-wear, both maternity and not.  Yoga Maternity Wear 1
Lululemon also offers a great top with a built-in bra that is adorable when there is no baby-on-board but allows plenty of room for even a 3rd trimester tummy.  The Lululemon No Limits top also is high-cut enough to keep the cleavage modest.
Yoga Maternity Wear 2
And, last, are the bottoms: Hard Tail has lots of roll-down crops and full length pants that keep the comfort intact through pregnancy.  I recommend buying a medium if you are generally a small, because the tight pants won’t look baggy in the bigger size but the hip seam will be much more comfortable in later pregnancy.  Kyodan has a great long pant that looks very similar to Lululemon’s Wunder Under best-seller.  The perks are: they are cheaper and stretchier than Lulu’s!
So go rock that workout in style: pre-, during, and post-pregnancy!

Old navy tank

Yoga top

Yoga top

Yoga activewear

Yoga activewear

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