2014 Goals + Intentions

I have a notebook that I have been writing down my New Year’s resolutions in for the past 8 years. Each year, I am nice enough to invite my husband to write down resolutions in my notebook as well. I write his name at the top in pretty, fancy letters in hopes that it will motivate him to compose some goals (as pretty fonts do for me). I even suggest a few resolutions that would totally benefit me us.¬†More often than not, his entries end up being only partially filled in or left blank altogether. There goes my chance of making him husband of the year. Sigh.

I saw fellow Milk + Mascara contributor, Kelly, pin this the other day and I loved it.

2014 goals

via Home Sweet First Home blog 

While writing my resolutions this year I found myself with a writer’s block that even Capistrano font couldn’t knock down. This goal worksheet helped me focus in on 10 areas in life that are inspirational and will add to my overall well-being. I re-did the worksheet because, like I mentioned before, I am a sucker for pretty fonts and cool color combinations. I also included an additional question. Can you find it?

Download the jpg below and print to fill out your own. I’m going to print one out and see if this works on the husband.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wishing you a gold and sparkly 2014!

Be happy,