Painting a Little Tykes Car Bed

PicMonkey_Shared Nursery

“Mom, I’m envisioning a modern black and white room, with maybe a statement piece or two.  What are your thoughts on a houndstooth rug?” – Said no child ever…

Ugh, I know it’s the kids room, but I’m the one that has to look at, read stories in it, and on some not-so-wonderful occasions, sleep on the floor of it!  I need STYLE you little person, you!!

When my two-year-old discovered freedom from his crib was just a climb and a jump away, we knew it was time to bring in a toddler bed.  I was expecting our fourth and final child, and, in theory, the youngest two will be roommates for quite sometime.  So it wasn’t just as simple as taking the crib rails off since the crib was intended for the new baby.  I thought, surely I can find some amazing bed that he will just never, ever want to leave (perhaps pregnancy does make some people delusional).

My son, like most two-year-old boys, was positively obsessed with cars.  I grappled back and forth with the idea of getting him an awesome car bed to transition into.  I had already come up with the nursery theme:  I painted the walls a gorgeous tan and white horizontal stripes, installed ultra modern black and cream curtains, and had a giant red shag rug in the center of the room.  It seemed that Little Tykes didn’t share my vision – the toddler car beds came in blue and pink.  Ugh.  How predictable!

Well sleepless night after sleepless night (with a child who wasn’t making a smooth transition) and this Momma gave in.  Maybe the car bed will do the trick.  My deal-loving self hit the listings of Craigslist and a few hours later Daddy was pulling up to the house with a bright BLUE toddler-sized car bed for the rockin’ price of $30.

PicMonkey_Blue LT Car

We carried that bad boy upstairs and my little boy was ecstatic.  I’ll admit it; I would’ve loved something like this as a kid too.

Week after week passed and I just couldn’t get down with the blue plastic bed.  Ugh!  My chic shared nursery had a giant BLUE toy in the middle of it!!

Nothing I did made it right.  I hated it.

I started researching paint options for plastic.  I’m a major Craigslist DIY girl.  Surely I can solve this.

Great news world: Krylon makes a spray paint especially for plastic!  Krylon Plastic Fusion.

Poor hubby was back in the car again.  Sadly he had to go to Walmart as the local hardware stores and Home Depot in my area don’t carry the Fusion.  I had him get 3 cans of the Fusion in black.  They were $4 each.

I had him drag that bed back down the stairs and into the street.

I washed it down and put on my mask, eye glasses and gloves, and got to spraying.

The whole car took a little over 2 cans.  I was elated: it looked like a freaking batmobile!

Bye bye yard toy blue!

PicMonkey_Blue LT Car Transformation

We had to leave the car outside for about a week to air out as that stuff has a residual odor that doesn’t fade quickly.  But after that week had passed, the bed was back upstairs and I was thrilled.  Granted there is still a car bed in my would-be posh shared nursery, but at least its black and is TRYING to fit in with the décor.

Now, did my son stay in his bed all night?  That’s a tale for another time…

Have you used any paint to transform plastic furniture?  What’s your best Craigslist/yard sale makeover?  Do share!!