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How To Style A Plaid Pant for Fall/Winter

Hello my fashion forward friends. I wanted to share a trend that I am dying to try – the Plaid Pant.

Prints are in period this winter but the Plaid/Tartan pattern is making the most noise. There are so many ways to style a plaid pant. You can go ultra chic, trendy or stay preppy. No matter what you do, keep in mind that when wearing a printed bottom it is important to make sure the color and the size of the plaid is flattering to your body type. Another important tip to remember for your body type is the cut and length of the pant. If you are short and want to make your legs look long and lean try a darker, smaller plaid print with a skinny hem. If you are tall and thin and want to elude to curves, try a lighter and larger plaid print with a boot cut hem.

Remember when you are styling the pant with accessories that less is always more. Don’t go crazy or cheapen your look with heavy accessories or matchy matchy items. Strong basic pieces will make your pant the focal point. In my set below I have included three of my favorite Plaid/Tartan pants. I hope that this post will be a helpful source for you when looking for your own special plaid. Post any style questions in the comment section below. I will personally answer.

Forever Fashionably Yours,


Winter Edition "How To Style A Plaid Pant"

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