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Ooh la la Latisse

Thin and blonde.  Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?  Unless, of course, you’re referring to eyelashes.  Mother nature gave me short, thin, blonde eyelashes.  I have lived with eyelash envy my whole beauty-conscious life.  The very first makeup I ever wore was an eyelash curler and mascara.  They have been the most important tools to me throughout my makeup life and without them I look like a corpse.
In my quest to better accentuate my eyes, I have run the gauntlet in eyelash enhancement products.  I am unofficially an expert in this arena.  I have worn fake eyelashes, full sets, half sets, two rows, all of that.  I have learned to apply single lashes.  I have used countless lash enhancement gels and serums.  I have paid $250 a set for eyelash extensions.  Hold onto your hats – that’s not all!  I have even gone so far as to tattoo under my natural lash line to make them look fuller and darker.  (Yes, I’m serious. Its permanent makeup called “lash enhancement” where they tattoo dots between your real lashes to make them appear filled in.)

When Jan Marini initially came out with their first eyelash growth product, “Age Intervention”- please believe I was the first one in line ordering.  The price was a steep $160, but I was all in.  It truly worked and I saw a difference in my lashes!  I was thrilled…for a short time.  The product ended up being recalled because of some sort of patent issue and they had to “reformulate”.  Ladies, if your fave product ever gets “reformulated”- trust this, it will no longer be your fave.  It usually means the awesome ingredient in it that makes it your favorite belongs to someone else, is too expensive to keep using or there is some other misfortune at hand.  Jan Marini’s reformulated Age Intervention eyelash serum might as well have been hair conditioner for me.  At least my blonde stumps weren’t buying it.

Shortly thereafter the prescription eyelash product that Brooke Shields was touting all over the TV, Latisse, was released.  People raved.  My concern was, (1) the price per ml, and (2) that little warning label on the side of the box, “may discolor skin and light eyes”.  Hmmm.  I’m all for “in the name of beauty”, but that just sounded a little weird.  So, I passed. I passed and I passed for nearly a decade, and, 4 kids later and feeling super frumpy, I said, “what the heck!”.  I sent my uber understanding husband out to the Medspa to grab my little “pick me up in a bottle” and I began using it that night, faithfully.

Around the 12-week mark I felt like I noticed a difference.  Around 16 weeks I fully noticed a dramatic difference: my lashes were longer than they have ever been with any other serum.  I am now about seven months into my Latisse relationship and, oh my goodness, am I in love!  My lashes are so long and full!  My friends and family have thought I was wearing fake lashes.  I’m truly in love.  I’m sold.  I’m referring people left and right. I have not experienced any darkening of my iris or the skin surrounding my lash line.  However, I’m pretty cautious to only apply directly to my lash line.

Latisse 5ml

The 5ml bottle lasted me a little more than 6 months.  I applied to my lashes and used the extra on the brush on my eyebrows (yes, those grew too!).  I’m a major deal-seeker so I must tell you – do not pay full price.  I got my second 5ml bottle on Groupon for $80 (reg price $160).  Often times Medspas will have buy 1 get 1 specials on Latisse as well.

A few weeks ago I decided my lashes were long enough and I began an experiment: if I stopped using Latisse altogether, eventually my long lashes would shed and new short lashes would replace them.  I’ve been using the Latisse every other day since the beginning of October 2013, as opposed to the everyday recommendation.  I’m trying to stretch the bottle to last longer and still keep my long lashes.  I’ll keep you posted as to how they look in a few more months.

That’s all for now! (bats super long dramatic lashes)

~ Kelly

before and after


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